basic things you need to know about container water garden


Container water garden is a very simple alternative to a normal garden pond. It’s often preferable because of its simplicity and small size. To have a nice, complete container water garden you need containers, plants, bricks, gravel, heavy soil, fertilizer tablets and a garden hose. You can find almost all the above listed materials in most home and garden supply stores.

basic things you need to know about container water garden

To build a container water garden you need to first choose a spot for your garden. You need to make sure that it’s not under overhanging trees. Also there is need of direct sunlight daily and a nearby water source. Also, when choosing your container you need to make sure that it’s easy to drain, non-porous and deep enough to support the plants you want to grow.

Planting is a simple process. First get a suitable pot for your plant. Then find mud-clay like soil. Fill the pot with the soil and put a fertilizer tablet in the soil, then carefully place the root of the plant on the soil and lightly tap it down. Then cover with an inch or so of pea gravel. Pot all your plants this way.

After potting your plants carefully place the pots in the water with a few inches bellow the surface of the water. Then use a few well laid bricks to aid the arrangement of the pots in the container water garden.

The next thing you may want to do is add a pump in case you want a fountain or water fall. It’s advisable to follow manufacturers’ instruction on laying the pumps. Finally fill your container with water. Make sure that the pots are submerged under a few inches of water.