Beginner’s Guide To Garden Wedding Decor


Garden weddings on the most part are decorated by the beautiful flowers and plants in the garden, but we can add some little details and extra garden wedding decor that will enhance the look of the garden wedding ceremony and reception even more!
Beginners Guide To Garden Wedding Decor

Some Ideas For Your Garden Wedding Decor

One of the factors that can truly make your garden wedding look nice is lighting (if it takes place during the evening of course). A nice layout of lights can bring a whole different mood to your wedding. It can add elegance or even a feeling of magic. Another great use of lighting is through lamps. Arranging little lamps on certain spots can be the perfect lighting for a garden wedding. When planning the lighting, always keep in mind the safety of your guests, and this includes isolating the cables in case any children are present.

Other of the things you might find on a garden wedding venue is fountains. These fountains are great to integrate them into your outdoor wedding decoration. Again, you can use lights to give it an elegant or mystical look, or even better; you can use floating candles and petals on the pond. This is actually a very good idea that I’ve seen in a friend’s wedding and it came out pretty nice!

Use Your Creativity In Your Garden Wedding Decoration

As you can see from these ideas, creativity is essential if you want your garden wedding decor to complement the beauty of the garden. It is better to brainstorm a lot of ideas for decoration, and narrow those down to the ones that you think are best for the wedding. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a nice wedding decoration, in fact decorating a wedding in a garden is easier than other types of weddings, so don’t add too much stuff to the garden.

If you want to get more garden wedding decor ideas I’d suggest looking at different decoration services, so you can get an idea of what you want. These sites offer pictures that might come in handy.