Decorating Tips For Outdoor Garden Weddings


A lot of people think that having a garden wedding reception is challenging. It definitely could be, considering the unpredictability of the weather. The weather, after all, can pose some huge problems if you are having an outdoor wedding reception, and since you certainly do not know what the weather will be like on the day of your wedding, having an outdoor garden weddings may seem more difficult to prepare for than a traditional wedding.
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Outdoor Wedding Decorations Ideas

The Perfect Outdoor Garden Weddings

Assuming that the weather is fine and the wind is cooperating well, an outdoor garden weddings can provide you with the most beautiful backdrop Mother Nature. There’s nothing more wonderful and more beautiful than using nature to transform your venue into something magical and romantic.
decorating tips for outdoor garden weddings
Considering the big help you get from Mother Nature, there is now very little you can do to enhance your garden wedding venue. What you can do, perhaps, in order to add a bit more charm to your garden wedding ceremony is a wedding arch. There are DIY wedding arches you can purchase and install in your own backyard, or you can easily have one fabricated. You can choose to let it go plain or you can add some decorations, such as ribbons and flowers to it. If you want to decorate your arch, your choice of decorations must of course blend well with your color motif.
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Outdoor Garden Weddings At Night

If you are having your wedding at night time, having some special lighting will definitely add charm and drama to your special occasion. You can use a string of lights for this and customized wedding lanterns for the extra glow. Lights create an inviting atmosphere, and your guests will definitely feel most welcome. You do not have to spend so much to create stunning lighting effects, though. In fact, even simple light arrangements can bring out the best in your wedding venue.

Outdoor Garden Weddings Decoration

Even if you already have a lush garden with many blooming flowers, you can still use flower decorations. There are many flower arrangements that may not necessarily be the same as the flowers in your garden but which blend well with the whole setting to create an impression that will last a lifetime. It is important to remember that when decorating the garden venue with flowers, the flowers can fill in the empty spaces in your venue.
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If your garden venue comes with a small pond or fountain, you can have candles floating on the water. Floating candles make great garden wedding decors during nighttime. They also provide the necessary lighting that adds warmth and glow to an already magical evening.
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Decorating for an outdoor wedding can certainly be a lot of fun and interesting, simple but elegant. The important thing to bear in mind is not to overdo the decorations as these tend to compete with the beauty of nature. You can use decors only sparingly for the purpose of accenting and bringing out the best in your garden setting; thus to use a lot more than necessary can create noise to an otherwise serene atmosphere all around the venue.