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Iconic tough-guy moments—the battles amid Tie Domi and Bob Probert (pictured above), Scott Stevens’ open-ice hit on Eric Lindros in the 2000 Eastern Conference Final and Bob Baun scoring a playoff overtime ambition on a burst bottom in 1964—are affectionately recalled by hockey fans.

NHL players accept a well-earned acceptability amid the toughest athletes in able sports. It’s a affection the alliance frequently showcases as a affairs point, and it’s amid the affidavit cited by admirers for their adulation of the game.

The players on this account abridge that toughness. Best are guys who accepted the role of enforcer. Some of the NHL’s greatest stars could hit, activity and accord on the scoresheet. Many went on to accept Hall of Fame careers, alarming adolescent players and abrogation a absolute consequence on the game.

Toughness isn’t bound to angry or concrete play. Several on this account played through pain, advantageous near-crippling injuries or life-threatening illnesses to accept advantageous NHL careers.

The afterward is a baronial of the 100 toughest players in NHL history. Feel chargeless to articulation your opinions in the comments section.

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100. Gregory Campbell

The abrasive Boston Bruins centermost bankrupt his appropriate fibula while killing a amends in the 2013 Eastern Conference Final adjoin Pittsburgh. Incredibly, Campbell able his about-face afore awkward off for medical attention.

99. Bob Gainey

Lauded amid the best arresting assiduously of all time. Sports Illustrated’s Michael Farber wrote that Gainey played Bold 6 of the 1984 Stanley Cup semifinal with one accept afar and the added dislocated.

98. Borje Salming

The NHL’s aboriginal Swedish-born star, Salming overcame exact and concrete corruption from NHL opponents to adore a Hall of Fame career. In 2007, the Toronto Star’s Paul Hunter wrote that Salming “needed about 250 stitches afterwards a skate brand cut his face during a 1986 bold in Detroit.”

97. Eddie Shack

Over his 17 NHL seasons, Eddie the Entertainer captivated NHL admirers with his aggressive, concrete style. He tallied 465 credibility and 1,437 amends account in 1,047 NHL games.

96. Patrice Bergeron

Following the 2013 Stanley Cup Final, The Boston Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont reported that Bergeron played in the series’ final bold admitting a punctured lung, absurd rib and burst rib cartilage. During the game, he additionally afar his shoulder.

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95. Keith Magnuson

Though he absent added fights than he won, Magnuson took on all comers during the aboriginal years of his 10-season career with the Chicago Blackhawks.

94. Stan Jonathan

Combining his pugilistic abilities with a appropriate scoring touch, the 5’8”, 175-pound Jonathan was a accepted affiliate of the Boston Bruins in the backward 1970s.

93. Doug Jarvis

The 5’9”, 170-pound Jarvis holds the NHL almanac for afterwards amateur played (964). Over 12 seasons, he never absent a game. 

92. Steve Yzerman

The Detroit Red Wings captain battled through a knee abrasion to advance his club to the Stanley Cup in 2002.  

91. Saku Koivu

Playing bigger than his 5’10”, 181-pound frame, Koivu overcame knee, accept and eye injuries, as able-bodied as non-Hodgkin lymphoma, over his 18-year career.

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90. Mario Lemieux

One of the NHL’s greatest scorers, Lemieux battled through Hodgkin’s ache and years of austere aback affliction during his career.

89. Billy Smith

Battlin’ Billy was as acclaimed for application his ambition stick to accumulate opponents out of his bulge as he was for his goaltending skills. In accession to backstopping the Islanders to four Stanley Cup titles, he additionally retired with 489 career amends minutes. 

88. Stan Mikita

Though Mikita would alert win the Lady Byng Trophy as the NHL’s best civil player, he was a argumentative adversary beforehand in his career. He exceeded 96 amends account in bristles of his aboriginal six NHL seasons. 

87. Owen Nolan

The aloft San Jose Sharks captain denticulate 30-plus goals six times while accession over 100 amends account 11 times.

86. Theo Fleury

Only 5’6”, Fleury played bigger than his concrete stature, never abetment bottomward from beyond and stronger opponents. He denticulate 455 goals and calm 1,840 amends minutes. 

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85. Wayne Cashman

Throughout 17 seasons with the Boston Bruins, Cashman acceptable a acceptability as a belligerent scoring accompaniment who was adventurous to activity for the bogie forth the boards and in the corners. He overcame aback anaplasty and went on to become the Bruins captain in 1977. 

84. Leo Boivin

During his Hall of Fame career with the Boston Bruins from 1954 to 1966, Boivin garnered a acceptability as a hard-hitting, abeyance defenseman. Fellow Hall of Famer Tim Horton advised him the toughest blueliner to exhausted one-on-one. 

83. Jack Stewart

Black Jack was acclaimed as one of the league’s hardest hitters as able-bodied as one of its best blueliners through the 1940s. Stewart’s asperous comedy acceptable him an consecration into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1964.

82. Clark Gillies

During his prime in the backward 1970s and aboriginal 1980s, few players capital to coil with the 6’3”, 215-pound Gillies. Amid the NHL’s toughest adeptness forwards, Gillies was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2002.

81. Fern Flaman

A Hockey Hall of Fame inductee, Flaman’s backbreaking open-ice hits helped accomplish him one of the best defensemen of the 1950s. He was additionally called to the Second All-Star Aggregation three times.

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80. Doug Gilmour

Over his 20-year Hall of Fame career, the 5’10”, 175-pound Gilmour abridged two-way concrete play. Killer garnered account for his alertness to activity for the puck, accession 1,414 points.

79. Dave Semenko

During the aboriginal years of the Edmonton Oilers dynasty, Semenko was the on-ice babysitter for superstar Wayne Gretzky. His attendance ensured opponents didn’t booty liberties with The Abundant One.

78. Earl Seibert

The abundant Eddie Shore accepted Seibert was the abandoned amateur he was abashed to fight. Through the 1930s to the mid-1940s, the asperous Seibert was amid the NHL’s top defensemen. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1963.

77. Red Horner

In seven of his 12 NHL seasons (1928-1940), Horner led the alliance in amends minutes. A admired concrete defenseman, the longtime Toronto Maple Leaf was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1965.

76. Sprague Cleghorn

A able adversary with a awful disposition, Cleghorn was a brilliant defenseman in the 1920s with the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1958.

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75. Barclay Plager

Though his NHL career lasted nine seasons, Plager became one of the aboriginal stars of the St. Louis Blues. His adenoids was burst 15 times, and he accustomed hundreds of stitches, but Plager’s concrete appearance acceptable him the adulation of Blues fans.

74. Curt Fraser

Fraser was a cutting accompaniment who exceeded 40 credibility and 100 amends account bristles times in his 12-year NHL career. He enjoyed three beeline 20-plus ambition seasons with Chicago and played for Aggregation USA at the 1987 Canada Cup.

73. Ted Green

A hard-as-nails defenseman, Green overcame a life-threatening skull breach in 1969 from a stick-swinging bound with St. Louis’ Wayne Maki. With a animate bowl in his arch from the incident, Green played two added NHL seasons and seven added with the Apple Hockey Association.

72. Reggie Fleming

A antagonistic amateur who could comedy aegis and larboard wing, Fleming able his NHL career with 1,468 amends account in 749 games.

71. Bob Baun

At 5’9″ and 182 pounds, Baun was a accent defenseman with the Toronto Maple Leafs. His greatest moment occurred during Bold 6 of the 1964 Stanley Cup Final, abiding from a burst bottom to account in overtime.

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70. Adam Foote

Known as a concrete arresting specialist throughout his 19 NHL seasons, Foote was a key allotment of the Colorado Avalanche’s championship teams of 1996 and 2001.

69. Stan Smyl

Only 5’8″ and 190 pounds, Smyl was a concrete attendance throughout his career. He charcoal amid the Vancouver Canucks’ best leaders in goals (262), assists (411), credibility (673) and amends account (1,556). 

68. Derian Hatcher

The 6’5″, 235-pound Hatcher was a cogent concrete attendance for 16 NHL seasons, 10 of which were with the Dallas Stars. He captained the Stars to a Stanley Cup and was inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame in 2010.

67. Brian Sutter

The beforehand of the six Sutter brothers to comedy in the NHL, Brian’s hardworking, concrete appearance formed the arrangement for “Sutter hockey.” In 779 NHL games, he accumulated 636 credibility and 1,786 amends minutes.

66. Rob Blake

A able two-way defenseman, Blake never shied abroad from concrete play, accession 1,679 amends account in 1,270 games. He will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in November 2014.

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65. Dave Brown

At 6’5” and 225 pounds, Brown was amid the ascendant NHL enforcers during the 1980s. He accumulated 1,789 amends account over 729 NHL games.

64. Jeff Beukeboom

The 6’5”, 230-pound Beukeboom was a accent affiliate of three Stanley Cup champions in Edmonton and one with the New York Rangers. He totaled 1,890 amends account in 804 NHL amateur afore a blow concluded his career in 1998-99.

63. Ian Laperriere

A popular, able blockage forward, Laperriere would run up 1,956 amends account in 1,083 NHL games. While with the Philadelphia Flyers, his career was cut abbreviate by blow symptoms.

62. Harold Snepsts

A concrete calm defenseman, Snepsts overcame austere injuries (including eye, ear and knee operations) to carve out a 17-year NHL career, accession 2,009 career amends minutes.

61. Jerry Korab

During the 1970s, Korab acceptable a acceptability as a alarming hitter with a abundant shot. At 6’3” and 220 pounds, King Kong tallied 455 credibility and 1,629 amends minutes.

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60. Kris King

A asperous larboard winger, King calm 2,030 amends account in 849 career NHL games. Admired for his leadership, he served as captain of the Winnipeg Jets in 1995-96.

59. Ron Stern

The abrasive checking-line accompaniment aggregate 2,077 amends account in 638 NHL amateur with Vancouver, Calgary and San Jose. He had career highs in goals (13) and amends account (338) in 1991-92.

58. Phil Russell

Over his 14 NHL seasons, Russell garnered a acceptability for adamantine hits and auctioning knuckles, accession 2,038 amends account in 1,016 NHL games. He was additionally a acceptable puck-handler, accession 424 points. 

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57. Mike Foligno

Runner-up to Ray Bourque for Rookie of the Year ceremoniousness in 1980, Foligno denticulate 355 goals and 727 credibility while accession 2,049 amends account in 1,018 games. 

56. Wendel Clark

Among the best admired players in Toronto Maple Leafs history, Clark was a heavy-hitting, hard-punching advanced who bedevilled a strong, authentic shot. He tallied 30 or added goals six times and able his career with 1,690 amends minutes.

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55. Stu Grimson

Standing 6’6” and belief 240 pounds, Grimson acceptable a alarming acceptability as an apache throughout his 729 NHL games. The Grim Reaper aggregate 2,113 career amends minutes.

54. Chris Neil

The longtime Ottawa Senators advocate is the able alive baton in career amends minutes, accession 2,216 in 855 NHL games. 

53. Al Secord

A prototypal adeptness forward, Secord was at his best with the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1980s. He had three seasons of 40 goals and 180 amends minutes, finishing his career with 495 credibility and 2,093 amends minutes.

52. Terry O’Reilly

During the 1970s, Taz was amid the Bruins’ top players. Accepted for his toughness, acuteness and amazing assignment ethic, O’Reilly retired in 1985 with 606 career credibility and 2,095 amends minutes.

51. Bryan Watson

Only 5’9” and 175 pounds, Watson was one of the NHL’s bigger pests, confusing brilliant players with obstruction tactics. Admitting his stature, the able Bugsy never backed bottomward from an opponent, earning 2,212 amends account in 878 NHL games.

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50. Rob Ramage

Over 15 NHL seasons, Ramage finer acclimated his concrete abhorrent appearance to aggregate 564 credibility and 2,226 amends minutes.

49. Kevin Dineen

Though not a big advanced (5’11”, 190 lbs), Dineen never backed bottomward from a fight. In 1,188 games, he denticulate 355 goals, 760 credibility and accumulated 2,229 amends minutes.

48. Keith Tkachuk

One of the best American-born players in NHL history, Tkachuk was amid the NHL’s arch adeptness assiduously during his career, scoring 538 goals and 1,065 points. He additionally acceptable 2,219 account in the sin bin.

47. Brad May

Over 18 NHL seasons, May was a asperous accompaniment who accumulated 2,248 career amends minutes. Admitting his boxy reputation, May will be consistently remembered for “May Day,” his series-clinching overtime ambition that aerial the Buffalo Sabres to achievement in the 1993 analysis semifinal adjoin the Boston Bruins.

46. Dave Schultz

One of the Philadelphia Flyers’ abominable Broad Street Bullies of the 1970s, The Hammer collected 2,294 amends account in 535 NHL games. Schultz’s 472 amends account in 1974-75 abide the NHL single-season record.

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45. Kelly Buchberger

His rugged, able appearance acceptable Buchberger 2,297 amends account in 1,182 games. He was additionally a admired baton and captained the Edmonton Oilers from 1995-96 to 1998-99.

44. Joe Kocur

A boxy blockage forward, Kocur’s 2,519 amends account has him at 20th on the best amends baton list. He was added than a apparent goon, arena 118 playoff amateur and acceptable one Stanley Cup with the New York Rangers and two with the Detroit Red Wings.

43. Basil McRae

The determined McRae became a fan admired with the Minnesota North Stars, logging three afterwards seasons of over 350 amends minutes. His 2,457 career amends account ranks 24th all time amid NHL players.

42. Shayne Corson

Despite actuality diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at age 15, Corson went on to comedy 19 NHL seasons with bristles teams. He tallied 693 credibility and 2,357 amends account in 1,156 games.

41. Ken Daneyko

A asperous calm defenseman, Daneyko acceptable 2,519 amends account in 1,283 games, all with the New Jersey Devils. He helped the Devils win three Stanley Cup titles. 

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40. Gino Odjick

Over 12 NHL seasons, Odjick aggregate 2,567 career amends minutes, agreement him 17th all time in that category. His best seasons were with the Vancouver Canucks, area he became a fan favorite. 

39. Matthew Barnaby

Barnaby, who admired to taunt opponents, sits 18th in NHL career amends account with 2,562. He additionally tallied 300 credibility over his 14 NHL seasons.

38. Scott Mellanby

Through 1,431 NHL games, Mellanby accumulated a able appearance with a acceptable scoring blow to abridge 840 credibility and 2,479 amends minutes. 

37. Gary Roberts

An advancing adeptness advanced beforehand in his career, Roberts overcame a career-threatening close abrasion and went on to account 438 goals and aggregate 2,560 amends minutes. 

36. Willi Plett

An advancing advanced who never saw a activity he didn’t like, Plett’s 2,572 amends account rank 16th overall amid career leaders. He additionally had acceptable abhorrent instincts, tallying 20-plus goals six times.

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35. Donald Brashear

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The 6’3″, 237-pound Brashear was a feared apache who spent 16 years in the NHL, baronial 15th overall in career amends account with 2,634.

34. Dave Manson

“Charlie” was a angry concrete defenseman whose 2,792 amends account rank 13th overall on the best list. Manson’s baking point attack helped him aggregate 390 credibility in 1,103 career NHL games.

33. Pat Verbeek

The 5’9″, 190-pound Verbeek racked up 2,905 amends account forth with 522 goals and 1,063 points. “The Little Ball of Hate” is amid abandoned four NHL players to adeptness 2,000 amends account and 1,000 career points. 

32. Rick Tocchet

One of the top adeptness assiduously of his era, Tocchet tallied 440 goals and 952 credibility in 18 seasons. He additionally accumulated 2,972 amends minutes, baronial 10th all time in that category.

31. Chris Nilan

“Knuckles” spent the aggregate of his career as an apache with the Montreal Canadiens, acceptable one of their best accepted players during the 1980s. Nilan sits ninth all time amid amends account leaders with 3,043 in abandoned 688 games.

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30. Tim Hunter

Known for his able-bodied appearance of play, Hunter’s heyday came with the Calgary Flames in the 1980s during their “Battle of Alberta” matches with the Edmonton Oilers. He sits eighth on the best amends leaders account with 3,146.

29. Craig Berube

Over 17 NHL seasons, Berube acceptable a acceptability as a cutting apache and locker allowance leader. He abandoned had three seasons with beneath than 100 amends minutes. Berube ranks seventh all time in amends account with 3,149 in 1,054 NHL games.

28. Rob Ray

Honored for his off-ice alms assignment with the King Clancy accolade in 1999, Ray was acclaimed on the ice as a alarming enforcer. He spent the aggregate of his 900 NHL amateur with the Buffalo Sabres. His 3,207 amends account rank sixth all-embracing on the best leaderboard.

27. Bob Probert

Battling addiction abroad from the amphitheatre as able-bodied as opponents on the ice, Probert accumulated 3,300 amends account over 16 NHL seasons with Detroit and Chicago to rank fifth on the best list. He is still remembered amid the best admired enforcers in alliance history. 

26. Marty McSorley

A accent defenseman, McSorley became Wayne Gretzky’s on-ice babysitter in Edmonton and Los Angeles during the backward 1980s and aboriginal 1990s. His 3,381 amends account are the fourth-highest mark in NHL history.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Despite adversity abounding injuries, Glenn Hall set an NHL almanac for goaltenders with 502 afterwards regular-season games played. Given the changes in today’s game, area teams apply a two-goalie system, Hall’s almanac will never be broken.

In Hall’s day, goaltenders played afterwards masks, and their accessories was appreciably inferior to today’s standards. Arena 502 beeline amateur beneath those affairs appropriate ample toughness. 

One acumen for Hall’s constancy was his beat of what became accepted as the butterfly style, which he adopted as a adjustment to assignment about a abscessed beam to abstain authoritative a breach save. Despite his acceptability for durability, the burden of goaltending generally played calamity on his stomach, and he frequently vomited afore bold time.

Why he’s here

Hall accustomed an angry goaltending adeptness almanac in an era of bound amateur safety.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

At 6’4″, 225 pounds, Larry Robinson acclimated his size, backbone and abilities to become a ascendant defenseman. A abrupt puck-moving blueliner with a baking point shot, Big Bird was additionally a concrete force and a angry fighter aback provoked.

Robinson’s bequest as a boxy guy was anchored by his hit on Philadelphia Flyers advanced Gary Dornhoefer at the Montreal Forum during the 1976 Stanley Cup Final. The Gazette’s (Montreal) Stu Cowan recalled the clap anatomy analysis bankrupt the boards, endlessly the bold for several account to acquiesce for repairs.

Why he’s here

Robinson’s arty concrete appearance acceptable him a acceptability as addition not to be trifled with. He was additionally the advertiser of big, skilled, concrete defensemen such as Chris Pronger and Zdeno Chara.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Strange as it seems to see a high-scoring Lady Byng Trophy champ on this list, Bobby Hull was absolutely one of the toughest players in NHL history. The Golden Jet had a able anatomy that accustomed him to blot years of abuse from opponents. While he didn’t activity often, Hull would bead the gloves aback challenged.

Gare Joyce, columnist of the book The Devil and Bobby Hull, wrote that Hull suffered cogent arch injuries throughout his career, including abundant burst noses and a burst jaw. Joyce additionally suspects Hull may accept suffered several undiagnosed concussions.

Why he’s here

Despite the years of concrete pounding, Hull was an NHL superstar for 12 seasons and became the face of the apprentice WHA for six more. He’s a prime archetype that boxy guys don’t consistently accept to activity to accumulate respect.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Bobby Clarke is remembered as the captain of the aloof Philadelphia Flyers during the club’s Broad Street Bullies era in the 1970s. He was additionally a diabetic who had to anxiously adviser his diet and claret amoroso to abstain seizures and claret infections during his arena career.

Clarke didn’t acquiesce his activity to affect his comedy or his temperament. While admired amid Flyers fans, he acceptable a acceptability for argumentative play. In a baronial of the NHL’s dirtiest players, the QMI Agency (via the Ottawa Sun) labelled Clarke as “a pest who awfully angry bottomward fights” and whose “antics eventually led to the ‘third-man in’ rule.”

Why he’s here

Love him or abhorrence him, Clarke’s belligerent administration angry the Flyers into champions, earning him a abode amid hockey’s toughest captains.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Johnny Bower is remembered by Toronto Maple Leafs admirers as the abundant goaltender who backstopped their aggregation to four Stanley Cups in the 1960s. What’s disregarded is how boxy the backward China Wall absolutely was. Bower spent 14 years in the amateur afore embarking on a 12-year Hall of Fame career with the Leafs.

Like abounding of his aeon in the 1950s and 1960s, Bower played afterwards a careful mask. He was additionally an innovator of the blow analysis and was declared by the Hockey Hall of Fame as “diving head-first into the skates of an advancing player” to avert abroad the bogie with his ambition stick. As a result, he suffered abundant facial and dental injuries.

Why he’s here

Poke-checking is chancy akin for today’s beefy and adequate NHL goalies. It was absolute assured (bordering on crazy) in Bower’s day.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Tim Horton is today accepted added for the coffee shops throughout Canada that buck his name than for his comedy on the ice. During his 24-year NHL career, though, Horton was advised amid the toughest abeyance defensemen in NHL history.

Sportnet’s Brett Popplewell remembers Horton as a assured shot-blocker with a aerial beginning for pain. He was additionally one of the arch men in hockey, breaking up fights by abuse opponents with his rib-crushing buck hug.

Why he’s here

Since Horton’s afterlife in 1974, his hockey bequest has about been forgotten. He deserves to be remembered as one of the sport’s toughest defenseman.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Over the advance of Jarome Iginla’s career, abundant of it with the Calgary Flames, he accustomed a acceptability as one of the NHL’s best constant adeptness forwards. In a January 2011 column, the Calgary Herald’s Scott Cruickshank cited then-Flames advanced Steve Staios as claiming that Iginla’s abhorrent success depends aloft his “ruggedness” and “intimidation.”

Though Iginla doesn’t activity often, his bouts accept acceptable him a acceptability amid the league’s toughest players.  The best memorable of his bouts occurred during the 2004 Stanley Cup Final, aback he and Tampa Bay Lightning brilliant Vincent Lecavalier started throwing punches. 

The attenuate afterimage of two NHL superstars agreeable in a activity during a Cup Final bold invoked comparisons to old-time hockey. Hockey historian Joe Pelletier claims the angle is “one of the few allegorical fights bodies allocution about endlessly.”

Why he’s here

Entering his 18th NHL season, Iginla charcoal amid the league’s best admired adeptness forwards. His aggregate of accomplishment and courage has anchored his abode amid the NHL’s top boxy guys.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

The aboriginal stick-handling goaltender, Ron Hextall was additionally the best physically advancing netminder in NHL history. He had three seasons area he calm 100 or added amends minutes. lists his 584 career amends account as the best amid NHL goaltenders. 

Hextall never absolved the barge and wasn’t abashed to fight. He acceptable an eight-game abeyance for slashing Edmonton Oilers advanced Kent Nilsson during the 1987 Stanley Cup Final (served the afterward season). He accustomed a 12-game abeyance for advancing Montreal Canadiens defenseman Chris Chelios abreast the cessation of the 1989 Eastern Conference Final.

Why he’s here

While Hextall is now the accepted administrator of the Philadelphia Flyers, his arresting administration as the NHL’s aboriginal accurate angry goaltender is what he’s still best remembered for.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

When John Ferguson abutting the Montreal Canadiens, he vowed to be “the meanest, rottenest, best afflicted back-bite anytime to comedy in the NHL.” Anyone who anytime circuitous with him during his eight-year NHL career will accede he lived up to his vow.

Ferguson accustomed a acceptability as the hardest adversary in the league. He took on all comers and rarely came out on the blow side. His attendance was a key agency in the Canadiens acceptable bristles Stanley Cup championships during his career.

Why he’s here

Ferguson was the aboriginal accurate NHL “policeman,” arena a approved about-face on the Canadiens’ top band to ensure no one took liberties with his high-scoring teammates.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Though he began his career with the Vancouver Canucks, it was with the Boston Bruins that Cam Neely shone as a adeptness advanced in the backward 1980s and aboriginal 1990s. Nicknamed Bam Bam Cam by Bruins fans, Neely was as able with his fists and heavy-hitting appearance as he was at scoring goals.

Injuries would abbreviate Neely’s career, admitting he approved arena through them. The Boston Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont recalled how a awkward bump in his larboard thigh, knee injuries and an arthritic hip ultimately batty Neely. Incredibly, he was still about a point-per-game amateur in his final three injury-shortened seasons, including an amazing 50 goals in abandoned 49 amateur in 1993-94.

Why he’s here

Whether it was opposing players or injuries, Neely was a battler. He was one of the best in NHL history.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Maurice Richard was as acclaimed for his ablaze atmosphere as he was for his atomic scoring for the Montreal Canadiens. At times, his acrimony got the bigger of him. A season-ending abeyance for arresting a linesman during a 1955 bold adjoin the Boston Bruins was the agitator for “The Richard Riot” in Montreal.

A prime archetype of Richard’s courage occurred during the 1952 semifinal amid Montreal and Boston. Accepting been agape benumbed beforehand in the game, a still-groggy Richard, claret trickling bottomward his face from a cut aloft his eye, alternate to account the series-winner in overtime.

Why he’s here

Richard was a superstar who fought his own battles, acceptable a sports fable throughout Canada and a folk hero in his built-in Quebec.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

At 6’9″ and 255 pounds, Zdeno Chara is one of the bigger players in NHL history. His admeasurement and backbone accept acceptable him a acceptability as a backbreaking hitter and a alarming fighter. letters Chara doesn’t bead the gloves that abundant anymore, but he charcoal an alarming opponent.

The best belled moment of Chara’s career came on March 8, 2011, aback he arrested Montreal’s Max Pacioretty into a axle at the Bell Centre. Pacioretty was agitated from the ice unconscious, adversity a blow and a absurd vertebrae. Chara was not abeyant for the incident.

Why he’s here

Chara has accustomed himself amid the league’s best able and physically arty players. He’s additionally helped put an end to the average of European players actuality afraid to comedy a concrete game.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Before his career anon concluded due to injury, Chris Pronger was one of the NHL’s best able defensemen and one of the aftermost in alliance history. addendum the 6’6″, 220-pound Pronger was abeyant eight times, accretion 22 games.

Pronger became abandoned the third amateur in NHL history to be abeyant alert in the aforementioned playoff year. In Bold 3 of the 2007 Western Conference Final, he accustomed a one-game abeyance for elbowing Detroit’s Tomas Holmstrom. In the 2007 Stanley Cup Final, he accustomed addition one-game abeyance for elbowing, this time on Ottawa’s Dean McAmmond.

Why he’s here

Pronger’s aggregate of aristocratic abilities and awful attitude earns him this abode amid the league’s toughest players.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Mark Messier is remembered as one of the game’s greatest scorers, admired leaders and best complete players. Acclaimed for his barbarous blaze that could alarm teammates and opponents alike, Messier would activity aback challenged and bedevilled an “unpredictable beggarly streak,” according to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Hockey Draft Central notes that Messier was abeyant several times. These punishments included a 10-game abeyance for arise Jamie Macoun’s cheekbone, a six-game abuse for hitting Thomas Gradin’s helmet with his stick and six amateur for high-sticking Rich Sutter in the mouth. Dallas Stars admirers will additionally anamnesis Messier’s bang hit on Mike Modano.

Why he’s here

Intimidation was allotment of Messier’s greatness. His sometimes abandoned approach are a aphotic allotment of his legacy.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Chris Chelios’ 26-year NHL arena career places him fifth in absolute amateur played. As the Toronto Sun’s Lance Hornby observed, Chelios didn’t get area he did by actuality Mr. Nice Guy. Bob McGill, a aloft teammate, empiric the defenseman was “nasty, bedraggled and mean,” per Hornby, but additionally a agitating player.

A prime archetype of his carrion occurred in the 1989 playoff alternation amid the Montreal Canadiens and Philadelphia Flyers, aback Chelios agape Flyers brilliant Brian Propp from the alternation with a hit to the head.

Why he’s here

It takes a attenuate aggregate of adeptness and courage to aftermost 26 years in the NHL arena a determined appearance like Chelios did.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Brendan Shanahan was amid the best ascendant adeptness assiduously in NHL history. He’s the abandoned amateur to account 600 goals while accumulating 2,000 amends minutes.

Upon Shanahan’s retirement in 2009, Yahoo Sports’ Greg Wyshynski observed he led the alliance in “Gordie Howe hat tricks” (a goal, an abetment and a activity in the aforementioned game), with 17.

Prior to Shanahan’s consecration into the Hockey Hall of Fame,’s Katie Strang cited testimonials from his aloft teammates, coaches and managers attesting to his alertness to stick up for those he played with.

Why he’s here

Few players in NHL history can bout Shanahan’s 21 seasons of constant abhorrent assembly and toughness.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Built like a fireplug at 5’10” and 213 pounds, Domi went on to become one of the best accepted brawlers in NHL history. His tilts with Detroit Red Wings apache Bob Probert are still advised abstract by admirers of hockey fights.

While Domi was accepted for his pugilistic skills, he wasn’t aloft bargain shots. In 1996, he sucker-punched New York Rangers defenseman Ulf Samuelson, animadversion him unconscious. In 2001, Domi was abeyant 11 amateur for animadversion out New Jersey Devils defenseman Scott Niedermayer with an elbow.

Why he’s here

Domi ranks third on the best account of amends minutes, with 3,515.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

A determined and abiding player, Dale Hunter was a different mix of bound accomplishment and aggression. A able abhorrent amateur who tallied 57 or added credibility 11 times and captained the Washington Capitals from 1994 to 1999, Hunter is best remembered for his tough, concrete style.

Hunter’s best abominable moment occurred during the 1993 playoffs, aback he collapsed New York Islanders brilliant Pierre Turgeon with a bang hit. NHL abettor Gary Bettman handed Hunter a 21-game suspension, one of the longest in NHL history.

Why he’s here

Hunter is the abandoned amateur in NHL history to aggregate over 3,000 amends account and 1,000 points. He’s also second all time in amends minutes.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Tiger Williams was conceivably the best absorbing boxy guy in NHL history, accepted for benumbed his stick bottomward the ice afterwards scoring a goal. He was admired in Toronto and Vancouver, which is area he had his best seasons. Williams was added than aloof an enforcer, tallying 40 or added credibility six times during his 14-year career.

Tiger additionally acceptable his allotment of suspensions. Afterwards the Red Wings dealt Williams to the Los Angeles Kings in 1985, the Los Angeles Times’ Sam McManis acclaimed he was abeyant seven amateur in 1982 for hitting New York Islanders goalie Billy Smith with his stick. He additionally accustomed an eight-game abeyance for aggravating to asphyxiate Calgary’s Paul Baxter with his stick.

Why he’s here

He’s the best NHL amends account leader. Abundant said.

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Tough-guy legacy

Though a superb puck-handling defenseman beforehand in his career, Scott Stevens accustomed a well-earned acceptability for carrying clap anatomy checks that could change the advance of a bold and, in some cases, of an opponent’s career.

In 2003,’s Phil Coffey described Stevens’ hits as “hard, violent, adverse and clean.” The longtime Devils captain was never abeyant over his blockage style. Amid those on the accepting end of those abundant hits were NHL stars Eric Lindros, Ron Francis and Paul Kariya.

Why he’s here

Stevens was perhaps the best adverse open-ice hitter in NHL history.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Ted Lindsay was active affidavit that bang comes in baby packages. Abandoned 5’8″ and 160 pounds, Terrible Ted had a beggarly band that fabricated him the best penalized amateur of his era.

Though a able abhorrent player, he never backed bottomward from abashing with beyond opponents. In 2008,’s John McGourty wrote that the NHL allegedly “created the elbowing and kneeing penalties to annul some of Lindsay’s actions.”

Lindsay’s alertness to angle up to bigger activity wasn’t bound to the ice. In 1957, he was the active force abaft a apprentice attack to anatomy a players union. In 2010, the NHL Players’ Association renamed its MVP accolade for Lindsay to account his activity efforts.

Why he’s here

Whether on the ice or in the boardroom, Lindsay consistently punched aloft his weight class. He can be advised the advertiser for players like aloft NHL brilliant Theo Fleury and Boston Bruins accompaniment Brad Marchand.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Terry Sawchuk was one of hockey’s greatest goaltenders, but he paid an absurd concrete and brainy amount for the honor.

In 1966, Sawchuk agreed to accept a architecture artisan simulate the facial injuries he acquired in 16 seasons of NHL activity for Activity magazine (note: angel is graphic). The explanation claimed the adept netminder looked like “a avant-garde Frankenstein’s monster.” The annual additionally acclaimed Sawchuk suffered a bargain eyeball, absent 70 percent acceptance of his appropriate arm and had a abiding “sway-back,” attributable to his below attitude in the ambition crease.

A Bobby Hull bang attack to the face in 1963 assuredly assertive Sawchuk to don a careful mask. He additionally suffered chest injuries accompanying to a car blow and was bedeviled by depression. In 2009, the Toronto Sun’s Mike Zeisberger quoted Sawchuk’s aloft assistant Gordie Howe as claiming the goalie seemed to be aggressive demons and was a actual sad person.

Why he’s here

In a time aback goaltenders lacked the careful accessory of today’s stars and abasement was so little understood, Sawchuk’s adeptness to accomplish at such a aerial akin for so continued is annihilation abbreviate of remarkable. Sadly, his activity was cut abbreviate in 1970 from injuries due to an off-ice adventure with a teammate.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Eddie Shore was amid the NHL’s greatest players in the 1920s and 1930s and one of the most alarming anytime to applique up skates. He alert set single-season amends records. Shore’s best belled moment occurred on December 12, 1933, aback he concluded the career of Toronto advanced Ace Bailey with a bang hit, earning a 16-game suspension.

Shore’s adeptness to bear affliction was legendary. Afterwards accepting his ear about broken off during a blow in practice, Shore banned to accept it removed by aggregation doctors. He instead begin a doctor accommodating to sew it aback on, authoritative him change the final stitch so it wouldn’t leave a scar.

The Hockey News’ Stan Fischler recounts an adventure in which Shore, accepting absent the aggregation alternation to Montreal, affianced in a atrocious 22-hour drive through a angry blast to clothing up for a bold that his Bruins bare to win. He accustomed on time and played, admitting adversity frostbitten fingers and exhaustion.

Why he’s here

The ear adventure abandoned seems acumen enough. Few players in NHL history accept larboard a abiding bequest of absurd skill, courage and authentic annoyance like Eddie Shore.

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Career highlights

Tough-guy legacy

Bobby Orr is admired today as the greatest defenseman, and arguably the greatest player, in NHL history. His amazing abilities generally overshadowed his animal backbone and alertness to bead the gloves aback challenged. The Gazette’s (Montreal) Stu Cowan cites aide Red Fisher, who claimed Orr was amid “the bristles toughest guys and bristles toughest fighters in the alliance aback he had to.”

What is added absorbing is how Orr able all this on abominably damaged knees. The National Post’s Joe O’Connor letters Orr’s larboard knee abandoned underwent at atomic 17 operations, banishment him to retire in 1978 at age 30.

Why he’s here

Orr wasn’t as acclaimed for his concrete abilities as others on this list, admitting the case can be fabricated that he should be. His adeptness to accomplish at a aerial akin admitting abiding knee injuries displays a akin of courage that ranks amid the league’s actual best.

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Tough-guy legacy

Gordie Howe was admired for his strength, adeptness and concrete comedy about as abundant as for his abhorrent prowess. He never shied abroad from abundant hitting, abnormally in battles for pucks in the corners, area his aciculate elbows exacted a assessment aloft anyone absurd abundant to coil with him.

The blog Greatest Hockey Legends reveals Howe alternate in abandoned 22 fights during his NHL career. It was his 1959 assault of New York Rangers apache Lou Fontinato that acceptable Howe a abiding acceptability as a barbaric fighter. Photos of that activity and its abominable after-effects anguish up in Activity annual (h/t Third String Goalie; note: Angel is graphic).

Collecting a goal, an abetment and a angry above in a distinct bold is referred to as a “Gordie Howe hat trick.” Throughout his continued career, however, Howe abandoned had two of these.

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Why he’s here

For 20 NHL seasons, Howe was the ascendant amateur of his bearing and amid the game’s best greats. No added amateur acceptable as abundant account for his skills, browbeating and courage as Mr. Hockey. He charcoal as admired today throughout the hockey apple as he was in his arena days.

Unless contrarily indicated, all amateur advice via and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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