How to Choose Water Garden Pumps


Pumps are used in several ways when setting up your water garden. You can use a pump to power a waterfall, operate a fountain or for water re circulation with no visible water movement. They vary in size as well. As a matter of fact the measure of size of the pump to use in a garden is determined by the end result we are trying to achieve in our garden.

How to Choose Water Garden Pumps

To have visually effective and free water flow in a waterfall, 100 gallons of water per hour per inch of water fall width is needed. A waterfall eleven inches wide needs 1100 gallons of water flow per hour or more.

To determine the outlet height you measure the vertical lift from the pond surface to the height of the top spillway. One foot must be added for every ten feet of distance from the pump to the top spill way. You can then match the total outlet height to the chat for each pump to choose the correct flow rate for your spillways.

Try to seek specialist advice when choosing pumps for any of the previously listed purposes in order to get a desirable and professional result. Many pumps are available from your local garden center or home ware shop.