Ideas For Your Outdoor Garden Wedding Reception


Garden wedding reception are held right after the wedding ceremony to celebrate this great day with friends and family. This type of reception is very beautiful and adds a special touch to your wedding day thanks to nature itself. Outdoor wedding receptions features lots of flowers, trees, fountains and plants.
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Selecting The Perfect Location For Your Garden Wedding Reception

To start, you must select the right location. Keep things simple by taking into account the two factors that matter the most: your budget and your style. This will help you narrow down your search and work only with a selection of sites that are right for you. Then you must determine how much people will be attending the garden wedding reception. Garden wedding venues offer different capacities for ceremony and reception (reception’s number is higher) so keep that in mind also.
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Unique Garden Wedding Reception Ideas For Your Home Interior Luxury
Next you’ll want to check out what’s included in the service. There are services that include everything (chairs, tables, food, decoration, glasses, etc.) yet others offer this for an extra fee. Again, working with your budget, choose an option that is right for you by seeing some garden wedding reception ideas. You’ll also have to make sure that there is a dance floor. A wedding reception traditionally has a dance floor, and well… dancing is part of celebrating right? Keep the dance floor size relative to the amount of people who will be attending the garden wedding party or else you’ll have it too crowded to dance.
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Guests Must Feel Comfortable During The Garden Wedding Reception

Finally, keep the weather in mind and add one distinctive touch. Your guests must be feeling comfortable on the reception. If it is summer for instance, make sure there are enough areas covered with shadow in the garden, and also use chairs that don’t absorb heat. If on the other hand, your wedding will be on winter, you’ll have to make use of heaters to keep guests warm and happy.
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