Lotus in water gardens – a flourishing experience


Lotus are top of the list of aquatic plants that gives your water garden a inspiring blooming effect. It beautifies your garden more and makes it looks nice and a really cool place to be. Like other aquatic plants, lotus will do well in six or more hours of direct sunlight.

Lotus in water gardens – a flourishing experience

If it gets adequate sunlight it will gives more flowering and stronger stems for leaves and flowers. However, if deprived of the required sunlight, the stems will be week, and the leaves will fall easily. Addition of fertilizer tablets during planting will improve the flower growth. Cut lotus blooms will last for three or four days.

Lotus blooms well from December through to the end of February. However, this will change under warmer or cooler climatic conditions. The seed pods are also highly ornamental though often seeds do not germinate.

A lotus plant requires a large container for maximum growth potential. Full size lotuses needs as much space as possible to flourish. The more space the better. It’s therefore advisable to give more room to lotuses to have a flourishing experience. Ten gallons of soil or more will be best for great results.

It is not advisable to plant lotus in a soil bottom pond unless full coverage of the pond is desired. As it will take over the entire pond in a few years and if a full pond is not required it will be embarrassing. However, if your aim is to have a full pond, its going to be a dramatic experience.