Quick tips for new or would be Pond Owners


A water garden provides a relaxing environment for pond owners. The joy pond owners gets from having a water garden are endless – which shows why most water garden owners are so obsessed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Quick tips for new or would be Pond Owners

When locating your water garden consider early morning sun. You must also remember that at the early stage if the exposure to the sun is too much then you are calling for green water trouble.

Avoid external particles falling into your pond. Leaves falling from large tree sand streams of chemicals or dust particles They will decay, contaminate the pool and make the fish more vulnerable to disease

Don’t stock your pond immediately; allow the water in your pool to rest for up to seven days most especially when the water you fill your pond with is from the tap. This will allow chlorine to settle down.

Don’t be tempted to stock your pool first with fish. Do it right by stocking with submerged oxygenated plant first. This will allow the plants to have the root well immersed. If you do it the other way around the fish will not allow the plants to grow and it will be frustrating.

If you start stocking with plants it will limit growth of algae. Since the plant will provide shade for the water and the sunlight reaching the water will be limited, thus reducing the rate at which the water turns green.