Some Ideas For A Garden Wedding Favors


Are you planning a garden wedding? Then you need garden wedding favors that match the occasion! These favors are all about nature and giving the wedding that special touch; on the other hand it is also a gift for guests, who will remember your garden wedding for years to come. So it’s not as easy as just using flowers (that will die in a matter of days), and fake flowers. A little creativity will help your garden wedding favors stand out!
Garden Themed Unique Wedding Favor Ideas
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Seeds As Part Of The Garden Wedding Favors

One of the ways to keep the garden wedding ideas with creativity is using seeds as part of the wedding favors. Seeds can be given in little packets or boxes, decorated with plant motifs. You can also put them along with petals on small bags also well decorated with your favorite plant colors. Add to these favors a printed thank you note and you’ll have some nice favors for your garden wedding party.

Daisy Seed In Eco Box Wedding Favors

Buying Favors For Garden Weddings

If you are don’t have the time of making the garden wedding favors on your own, or you simply are just not good at crafts, you can also buy favors for garden weddings. They are very easy to find; in fact, now that you are surfing the Web you can use it as a great resource to take a look at the different offerings from online wedding stores. Since these stores specialize in garden wedding decorations, you will be able to check out a lot of ideas, from special garden wedding favors based on small watering cans, to boxes and even mini-pencils made with branches!

Some ideas for favors for a garden wedding

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As you can see you have different options for garden wedding favors. I would recommend spending a good time researching your different options. With a little time, you can really find those “special” favors that match your style of wedding and your own personal style.

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