types of water garden pool systems


There are different types of water garden pool. Some pools are concrete, or pools made of rocks. There are plastic pools, fiberglass pools and other several sub categories. We will start our discussion with plastic pools.

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Plastic Pools – Unlike concrete gardens plastic pools are less lab-our intensive and easier to create. With plastic pools the only hard lab-our you encounter is digging the hole.

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Plastic pool has other advantages over other pool type – for example with plastic pools the lining of the hole is so quick and simple that it is no work at all. It’s possible to line and fill a plastic pool and stock immediately since there is not need of treatment or seasoning.

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Plastic pools have enough resilience to absorb without harm the kind of stresses that are fatally damaging to concrete. Some of them can certainly be damaged by the sort of accidental violence that would make no impression at all on concrete – such as falling into the pool and trying to save yourself with the garden fork you happened to be carrying at the time, but most plastics can be quickly and completely repaired, which is more than can be said for most leaking concrete pools.

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In the second part of this article we will continue comparing types of water garden pool.

Although much of the southern half of Australia is still suffering drought conditions, in many other parts of the country sudden and severe downpours are very much the norm. This is particularly so in tropical regions during the wet season. These downpours can quickly destroy gardens that are not prepared for heavy rain and the resulting runoff. Preparing gardens for these events requires a certain amount of long-term planning.

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“Slowing the flow of water across your property is the key to reducing the damage that heavy rain and runoff can cause,” says landscape designer Tig Crowley. “The best way to slow the water is to have a healthy, vibrant garden with a wide variety of plants and biodiversity.”

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Tig Says that vegetation helps retard the flow of water above ground and also helps stabilize the soil below ground with its roots. He recommends having a variety of different plants, from trees and shrubs to ground cover and grass-type plants, to ensure well-bound soil and reduce the likelihood of it washing away.

types of water garden pool systems

“Tree roots, for example, are usually large and heavy and grow horizontally, whereas grass plants will grow deeper into the soil and are more fibrous,” he says. “That variety of root matter helps bind the soil, as well as encouraging the growth of micro-organisms, which aerate the soil and allow the passage and absorption of water.”

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Heavy rains and moving water can also damage hard landscaping features such as retaining walls, paved areas and paths. Once again, the key is to slow the movement of water onto and across these surfaces, and to channel any excess water onto garden beds and lawns.

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Retaining walls can be damaged by water building up behind them and softening their foundations. The weight of this water can push the structure forward and weaken it. In areas where sudden downpours are common, walls should be built with a g pipes running behind them. Any excess water flows gently into these pipes and is then transported away into storm water drains.

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In the first and second part of this article we discussed plastic and fiberglass pools. Now we will be discussing other types of water garden pool.

Vacuum-Formed Moulding – There are some small pre-shaped pools that are mounded from semi-rigid sheets of plastics such as PVC and polythene, which makes them lighter than fiberglass. These pre-shaped pools are not only lighter but are designed to be as cheap as possible.

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Just like any other type of pool, vacuum-formed pool types also comes with some deficiencies. They are often deficient in depth and volume, and most are too small to be useful as anything but bird baths. They are relatively inexpensive and could be the answer if the children want a water garden pool of their own for keeping newts and tadpoles.

Pool Liners – Liners are the most popular method of making pool nowadays because of the simplicity and effectiveness. Pond liner techniques are very simple and economically better compared to others. All that is needed is to excavate your pond and line with a sheet of flexible plastic, known as a pool liner.

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There are several kinds of pool liner. One is a polythene type which is better quality compared to other types and requires a different installation technique. It’s easy and faster to set up. However, just like any other plastics and related materials polythene are highly vulnerable. So there is a need to take good care of them and protect them from sharp objects and any incidents that can cause damage. PVC and Reinforced PVC are other types of liners with better quality.