Water garden pond filter – importance, types and maintenance tips


There is popular opinion that water garden need no maintenance. This is not true. It’s impossible to have an efficient, well functioning water garden without any maintenance at all. That maintenance however can be minimal.

Water garden pond filter importance types and maintenance tips

To maintain water condition in the pond there is a need for a filter. And the process of filtering the water in the pond is called filtration. There are several types of filter pumps, which also vary in their use. Prefilter pump protects a submersible pump from becoming clogged with debris.

Ultra violet filters disinfect water as it passes through a contained pipe. Skimmers will remove most leaves and debris before they sink to the bottom of your pond. Other types of filter are in-pond sponge filters, overflow biological filters, large bead filters and bog filters. We will take brief look at some of this filter in this article.

Overflow biological filters use lava rock for filtration process. Place the lava rock in the mesh bags or basket for convenience. To maintain biological filters trim the plants back to make sure that they do no clog the exit spill. Then empty and wash one or twice yearly.

Pre-filter types are usually found in most new pumps. It helps in protecting submersible pump from becoming clogged with debris. Unlike the biological filter it requires weekly or bi-weekly cleaning to maintain its efficiency.

Box skimmers help in removing most leaves and debris from the water and later sink them to the bottom of the pond to begin to rot. Check and emptied skimmer twice a week and daily in summer and fall respectively.

Ultraviolet filter uses special inbuilt lights to disinfect water as it pass through a contained pipe. It kills single cell algae, bacteria and fungi during this process too. It’s very effective at eliminating green water in ponds. To maintain ultraviolet filters all you have to do is to replace the bulb every 12 months.