Water Lilies – effects on water garden


The beauty of your water garden will not becomplete without water lilies. They produce a succession of delightful waxen – petaled blooms through summer and autumn. Water lilies vary in color and sizes. Water lilies are elegant and exotic. They are robust enough to survive harsh winter periods.

Water Lilies – effects on water garden

They are the easiest of plants to grow and no specialist skill is needed to establish them successfully. Though they will luxuriate in the freedom to root in a soil layer all over the pool floor, it is usually more convenient, for reasons already discussed, to plant them in containers. If the confinement of the roots discourages excessive leaf growth, so much the better.

Since water lilies are perennial, their growth disappears each autumn and is renewed every spring, year after year. Their floating leaves shade fish. They also help to control algae and keep the water clear by providing the shade necessary for the water in the pond.

To enjoy water lilies growth makes sure that they are not under shade. They dislike shade, violent currents and cold mains or spring water. All they need is correct planting, a comfortable dept of water for the variety and a place in the sun.

There are several varieties of water lilies, with each varying in vigor of growth from pygmies suitable for bowls to giants with leaves like soup plates. Giant varieties do not need deep gardens and will flourish better in 10 to 15 inches water depth.