water well garden lighting


No matter how attractive fountains and waterfalls can be to both eye and ear, their full decorative potentials will not be realized until they are illuminated after dark. There several ways you can illuminate your garden lighting. As a matter of fact a visit to a garden specialist shop will open your eyes to opportunities available.

water well garden lighting

You can illuminate the water garden with ordinary garden lighting directed at the pool from the surrounding garden. However, it’s far more effective if light shines up from the water surface, or even below it. This can be done using special fully waterproof systems of underwater lamps and cable made purposely for that. You can use two 100-watt lamps in conjunction with a fountain/and or waterfall and you will get a startling display by doing that.

It’s often better to illuminate fountains from behind compared to the front illumination. Same way if you want to illuminate fountains in the center of the pool, it’s better to place lamps in the far corners of the pool and not in the near corners facing away from the viewer.

Illuminating fountain from the sides and a little behind it produces brilliant coruscation against the darkness beyond when it’s refracted through the droplets of water. Using two colors, blue in one corner and red in the other, turns the whole fountain into a firework cascade of mixed red and blue sparks.