Wedding Souvenirs: Great Ideas For Garden Weddings


So, you have finally decided to have a garden weddings. Certainly, you must be pretty excited at how the event will turn out to be. Garden-themed wedding ceremonies are, indeed, picture-perfect, with all those flowers and lights decorating your front yard or backyard.

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There are many considerations when having a garden wedding, though. The unpredictability of the weather can make your garden wedding preparations more stressful. Then there are wedding souvenirs to think about, too. You might be wondering the perfect souvenirs to give your guests considering your garden weddings motif. It may only be natural for your guests to expect items carrying floral motifs or designs as your souvenirs.

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Beautiful Garden Wedding Flowers

However, giving away garden wedding flowers would seem impractical. Sure, they may look beautiful and all, but you cannot keep them forever because they will wither and die after a few days. If you want your guests to remember your garden weddings party, then you ought to look for souvenirs that can last. Thus, it may be necessary to try other alternatives to fresh flowers.

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Choosing Flowers For Your Garden Wedding

You can have several choices, actually. For one, potted plants make great garden wedding souvenirs, especially if you are having a garden-themed wedding. You can plant seedlings of herbs such as basil, jasmine or lavender, in Terra cotta pots, for instance. If you find this too messy, you can try giving away flower seeds that come in pouches.

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You can decorate the pouch with your motif color and pin a small budding flower and a short note of thanks onto it. Another garden wedding favor idea is to give away potpourris that come in pouches made of tulle. You can simply sling them over on the chairs of your guests, giving a more festive feel to your garden weddings reception.

Diy Succulent Wedding Favor Ideas

You can also have flower-shaped candles and soaps. You can have these personally made to match your bouquet or the flowers that you are going to decorate your garden venue with. You can also use floral-designed place cards and place card holders. The place cards can be used as thank you cards, which the guests can bring home with them, together with the place card holders; but then to avoid getting them all confused, announce this at the beginning of the party.

Wedding souvenirs great ideas for garden weddings

If you have floral centerpieces at each table, you can have these raffled off any way you want and the lucky guests can take them home.

Butterfly Themed Favors

Of course, your choice of wedding souvenirs should not be limited to floral designs only. You can have butterfly-themed wedding favors, too, because these blend well with your garden weddings. You can find lots of butterfly-themed items, like place holders, candle holders, bookmarks, cookie cutters, napkin rings, and many others. If you want to have both flower and butterfly designs, you can put potpourri inside a pouch pinned with a butterfly charm.

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There are many things you can do if you are having a wedding in a garden setting. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can create a truly romantic and memorable garden weddings.