Your Garden Wedding In California


Garden Wedding In California is one of those places where garden places are very in demand right now. If you live in California, you can find many companies that offer garden wedding services. California garden weddings are mostly offered in Southern California, where there are a lot of places that are used for home garden weddings.
Garden Wedding In California

Among the most popular places to celebrate your garden wedding in California we have:

The Nixon Library on Orange County. This place is really beautiful to celebrate a garden wedding party with amazing landscapes that will give your wedding a very special touch. It also has a big room for reception. The service offers at the Nixon Library brings top luxury to your wedding while still maintaining the beauty of nature.

The Intercontinental Los Angeles Century City is another beautiful place where you can celebrate garden wedding in California. It is located near Beverly Hills and century Plaza Towers and also is a venue that brings luxury to that special day. They offer different packages according to your own needs. The wedding ceremony is held in the gardens followed by a cocktail reception. This California garden wedding venue holds up to 288 people on the ceremony and 400 on the reception.

The Compass Rose Gardens are another option that brings more of nature into your garden wedding ceremony. It is located west of California Highway One and it is a big garden full o lovely plants and fresh air. This place is great for traditional garden weddings that don’t want to put too much emphasis on luxury, but instead on the gardens beauty. This wedding venue has different plants and all the area is carefully planned so you have space for your garden wedding reception and ceremony.

These are just three of the Garden Wedding In California; there are many more you can find by taking a look online or with the help of a wedding planner. Choose one that feels good and stays within your budget.